Case Studies & testimonials


Emily was fun and articulate 38-year-old, university educated and pretty, she had a demanding job, yet, a lively circle of friends and plenty of interests.
She was not the sort of woman you would expect to have trouble finding love but she did. 

Two years before her appointment at human connections, Emily was in a relationship and was ready at 35 to have a family. However, her boyfriend Joseph wasn’t. So, when Emily reached her 37th birthday she sadly broke up with Joseph. She firmly believed that it was her time to have children. 

So a year or so after her break up, Emily came at Human Connections. She lamented how difficult it was to date nowadays. Talking about her experiences on Tinder,, or even on the more sophisticated website such as eHarmony or Inner Circle. And it seemed that all her girlfriends were going through the same experiences.

We clearly understood that Emily was looking for a man to marry immediately and to have kids with. Emily opted for our platinum plan which will allow her to maximise her exposure to dating opportunity. We built a dating strategy with her and started looking at opportunities in London. However, we advised her to 1) dedicate some time to her dating life and 2) have fun and stop thinking of her biological clock.

So what happened at Human Connections?

After joining our agency Emily started to have fun on her dates, she was relaxed, she totally forgot about the biological clock and she met amazing men. When the pressure was definitely off, Emily started dating eligible men and was spoiled for choice.

So, after a couple of weeks, Emily eventually met her man, "the one", Francesco a 37-year-old solicitor originally from Italy. Francesco was on his second date with us and Emily 13th. This was the first wedding we attend when you first set up the business back in February 2018. They are now happily married with the 2 children expecting the third one. We absolutely love them.